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Asgaard implements security concepts abroad, especially in crisis areas, reliably and professionally.

Our range of services includes:

  • Diplomatic Security Services
  • Close Protection
  • Protection and monitoring of facilities
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • IT / Communication Security
  • Logistics / Convoy Security
ASGAARD German Security Guards – ASGAARD German Security Guards – Consulting GmbH - Operation

Diplomatic Security Services

ASGAARD possesses comprehensive experience in the protection of diplomatic personnel and facilities even under the most demanding conditions. By deploying ex. State employed specialists in key positions, we can ensure the highest level of security. This includes, for example, protecting exposed persons by German Personal Security Detachments (PSD), consisting of former elite soldiers and police officers. It also includes the protection of facilities such as embassies and consulates with German or internation security personnel.

ASGAARD German Security Guards – ASGAARD German Security Guards – Consulting GmbH - Operation

Close Protection

As several successful years in the field of personal security and in risk prevention have proven, we are the reliably efficient experts in providing high-profile persons, a defined group of people and their relatives. The highest level of security and privacy protection is achieved through our professional expertise and our welltrained, coordinated personnel.

Many of our experts have been responsible for the security of high ranking diplomats and government representatives.

As part of our comprehensive security concepts, we are providing professional close protection services, tailored to suit the clients specific requirements. In doing so, we ensure constant security for our client in public places.

Depending on mission requirements and individual threat and risk analysis, our close protection officers can operate with „show of force“ (open weapon carry) or in a very discrete manner. They have all undergone intensive special training, possess the relevant experience and are prefessionally equipped. This service also includes secure transportation of high-ranking representatives in armoured vehicles.

ASGAARD German Security Guards – ASGAARD German Security Guards – Consulting GmbH - Operation

Protection and monitoring of facilities

We are experts in all measures of facility protection with focus in particular risk prevention for, and protection of state institutions and facilities (such as embassies) as well as critical infrastructure, for example, refineries, pipelines, power plants, airports and sea ports.

Monitoring and protecting borders through constructional, technical and personnel measures are part of our advanced services, which we provide in collaboration with our international partners. These services also include training of border guards by German specialists.

ASGAARD German Security Guards – ASGAARD German Security Guards – Consulting GmbH - Operation

Explosive Ordnance Disposal / C-IED (Counter-Improvised explosive devices)

During and subsequent to conflicts, hidden and improvised explosive devices, mines and unexploded ordnance remain in conflict areas, thus posing a big threat to the population. Towns, infrastructure and fields must be cleared so that they are useable again. This requires highly specialised expertise and equipment.

ASGAARD, together with German and Swiss market leaders, carries out the search for and the clearance of explosive ordnance. We can also do this with self-protection against suicide bombers in high risk areas. Currently, the regional focus area is presently in Iraq.

ASGAARD German Security Guards – Consulting GmbH - IT-Communication

IT / Communication Security

The protection of sensitive data and information, critical infrastructure and all kinds of sensitive communications against espionage and tapping measures are the basis of confident government activities and are essential for the successful execution of security-relevant operations.

Secure IT and communications as well as counter-espionage are the most important components of complex and interdisciplinary projects. We provide these in cooperation with first-class specialists and market leaders in the creation of relevant technologies.

ASGAARD German Security Guards – ASGAARD German Security Guards – Consulting GmbH - Operation

Logistics / Convoy Security

In order to implement projects on time and to achieve political objectives, important goods have to reach their destination reliably, even under difficult conditions and in an unstable security environment. Ensuring and seafeguarding convoys are some of our core compecies.