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Corporate philosophy

Your safety is our first priority. To guarantee this, our team consists of professionally trained security guards. Our employees, reinforced by a strong commitment to our mission, share the same high values ​​and integrity.

As a diversified company with employees all around the world, we provide the highest levels of training and exceed industry standards in the fields of security, diversity, ethics and compliance, technology, intelligence, and mission support. After all, our success is based on our qualified employees, for whom discretion is a given.

ASGAARD German Security Guards – Consulting GmbH - Unternehmensphilosophie

ASGAARD advises and supports:

  • Governmental Organizations (GO)
  • Non – Governmental Organizations (NGO)
  • Ambitious private customers
  • International companies
  • Humanitarian- & Aid-organizations

Our approach

  1. Analysis of the current situation
    Comprehensive reviews and analysis in order to identify possible vulnerabilities and risks.
  2. Definition of objectives
    Determining the objectives according to the customer’s particular requirements and expectations.
  3. Developing the concept
    Consultation and planning for efficient and cost-effective overall concepts.
  4. Implementation
    Implementation of the concepts to achieve project objectives
  5. Quality checks
    Audits and adjustments in order to achieve objectives
  6. Customer support
    Customer satisfaction analysis, evaluation of feedback