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ASGAARD is a German security company that specialises in the provision of diplomatic security services and training of state security operatives. The regional focal areas are the GCC member states and Iraq. Through its international network of specialised Service providers and manufacturers, ASGAARD is in a position to succesfully implement complex, intersectoral projects. Our key personnel are German specialists with a state-employment background.

ASGAARD German Security Guards – Consulting GmbH
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Diplomatic Security Services

ASGAARD possesses comprehensive experience in the protection of diplomatic personnel and facilities even under the most demanding conditions. By deploying ex. State employed specialists in key positions, we can ensure the highest level of security. This includes, for example, protecting exposed persons by German Personal Security Detachments (PSD), consisting of former elite soldiers and police officers. It also includes the protection of facilities such as embassies and consulates with German or internation security personnel.