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Discipline & Precision

Discipline & Precision

ASGAARD German Security Group

ASGAARD is a German security company that specialises in the provision of diplomatic security services and training of state security operatives. The regional focalareas are the GCC member states and Iraq. Through its international network of specialised service providers and manufacturers, ASGAARD is in a position to successfully implement complex, intersectoral projects. Our key personnel are German specialists with a state-employment background.

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ASGAARD German Security Guards – Consulting GmbH


ASGAARD advises companies and individuals before and during a stay abroad, especially in high risk areas.

ASGAARD German Security Guards – Consulting GmbH - Operation


Asgaard implements security concepts abroad, especially in crisis areas, reliably and professionally.

ASGAARD German Security Guards – Consulting GmbH - Training


ASGAARD offers trainings to selected state institutions.

ASGAARD German Security Guards – Consulting GmbH - Drohne

UAV / Drones

Unmanned aerial vehicles provide safe reconnaissance flights, provide tremendous mobility and flexibility, and ensure a safe situational awareness. At the same time, the costs are only a fraction of those of manned aircraft.

The transmission of the determined data happens in real time. Drones are preferred in the following areas:

  • Civil defense
  • Police
  • Military
  • Border protection

Our research and development department programs, individually for you, your own drones. Together we develop your own drone for your project.

Our range includes a large selection of UAV’s European market leaders, on demand with operator and maintenance for short and long operations.

With us you can get drones of any kind:

  • Multicopter
  • Mixed-wing aircraft
  • Propeller
  • Jet propulsion

As a rule, no runways are necessary.
Our drones can fly payloads from 400 g to 50 kg.

Typical payloads include thermal imaging cameras, radar, all electro-optical and electronic sensors from well-known manufacturers.
Our drones are designed for different ranges, from 18 km to 1,000 km everything is there.

On request, we can train your staff or put qualified operating and maintenance staff at your side.
Our maintenance staff has experience abroad, which ensures operational readiness even under demanding conditions.

At the same time, we offer leasing and financing options for drones in various forms.

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